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Classic Lock & Key Store , Inc San Diego, CA 619-215-9193Business empires aren’t built in a day. There’s a whole lot of strategic thinking, decision-making, effort and investment involved that paves the way to progress – and ultimately success. If you thought getting there was the easiest part, then think again. Life isn’t exactly fair; what takes years to achieve can only take a moment to fall apart. You need to ensure that everything you’ve carefully put together stays together.

Businesses that trudge down the path of ruins owing to lax security are not unheard of. Confidential data gets out and valuable assets are stolen, all because their security setup was not sufficient to fend off any threats. With locks forming the basic building blocks of security, it’s highly recommended that you get new locks installation commercial service. Don’t know where to begin? Fret not, Classic Lock & Key Store , Inc can help you! Read on:

Why new locks?

Why not? Modern criminals are getting smarter and it’s highly likely that they’ve already found a 101 ways to get past the locks that are presently installed in your property. Why risk your business security when you can set up proactive measures to reinforce the security of your property? New locks are tough to break, have added functionalities and are virtually impregnable. New locks installation for commercial properties minimizes risk and ensures that optimal security levels are maintained.

Whom should I call?

One option is to buy the locks and install them yourself – but do so at your own risk. For all you know, there are people out there waiting for that one misstep from your end to take undue advantage of you and your business.  Your local hardware store might try to upsell goods that are not right for your property and unworthy of investment. What you need is someone to guide you through lock selection and carry out the new locks installation commercial service seamlessly. And that someone is – a locksmith.

Our comprehensive installation service:

When you call us in to get your locks upgraded, what you’ll get is an all-inclusive service, a complete package. We start by analyzing your commercial property thoroughly and determine the suitability of the current locking systems installed in holding up against modern security threats. Only those locks that are deemed obsolete or unfit are replaced. Based on our analysis of your business, we recommend a suitable set of locks and install the same. We also provide regular upkeep on a contractual basis.

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